Facebook Avatar Setup – CREATE Your Own Facebook Avatar TODAY!!

Facebook Avatar Setup

If you haven’t heard of The NEW Facebook Feature called Facebook Avatar, then come right up and we’ll tell you more about it but if you haven’t heard of this feature then do not worry because you are not left out. Unfortunately, this exciting FB feature has only reached a limited number of countries along with the globe so stay put because it will soon come to you and you don’t want to miss it. 

The Facebook Avatar Feature creates a cartoon-like version of you also, you can customize it however you like, isn’t that exciting!!.

Setup Of The Facebook Avatar 

How do I create my Facebook Avatar? Do you ask? Well to answer you just have to have the updated version of the Facebook app and ensure you have a device that can connect to the internet, hopefully, an iOS or Android device. Once your avatar is created, you can use it in the way emojis are used, in texts, in comments, when posting, e.t.c. and another nice thing is that you can use outside the Facebook platform.

Facebook Avatar Setup

Requirements For You To Create Your Own Facebook Avatar 

Creating your Facebook Avatar is just free and simple. You must have the updated version of The Facebook app. Find out the way to download the Facebook Creator Application below.

How To Download Your Facebook Avatar Creator App.

The most important thing needed for you to create your Facebook avatar is The Facebook App. For you to successfully access your Facebook avatar you’ll need this (Facebook Avatar Setup) See below how to download the Facebook app:

  • Activate your data connection on any of the devices you’re using to download the app and search it on either Google play store or App Store for iPhones.
  •  When you have searched the Facebook app, it will be displayed on the page, click on DOWNLOAD, and once it’s done downloading tap INSTALL.

As you can see above it just requires a few simple steps, once you have installed the app you’ll be able to access it. Also, take note that you’ll need enough storage space to be able to download & install the app.

How To Locate Your Facebook Avatar 

  • Strictly adhere to the laid down steps to successfully access your Facebook Avatar.
  • Open the Facebook app on the internet device your using.
  • Click on the menu icon on your homepage which for iOS devices is at the bottom right and for android devices at the top right side of the homepage.
  • Go through the list of menu options to locate AVATAR but if you can’t find it, tap on SEE MORE to locate it.
  • If you can’t find the feature then you would need to update your Facebook app or it,s not yet available to your country.

Directions To Setup Your Facebook Avatar 

Follow strictly the steps below for your Facebook Avatar Setup.

  1. You would have accessed the Facebook Creator App using the steps above.
  2.  Click on NEXT and then GET STARTED to begin your avatar creation process.
  3.  Choose a skin tone that fits yours.
  4. Design your avatar to your choice from the hair, body shape, and even to the accessories if you want.
  5. IF you are satisfied with what you have then by the top right side of the screen find the checkmark option and click on it.
  6. When the next page is done loading tap on the Next button and in conclusion tap on DONE.

Once you have successfully created your avatar and you want to apply it, you just go to your smiley area and select your avatar.

If interested to make it your profile picture or to post it in your news feed, click on the share icon on the page promptly once you are done creating your avatar. Then choose from the listed options if to use it as your temporary profile picture[Facebook Avatar Setup].

To Edit your Facebook Avatar Feature

If you don’t like something about your avatar you can just follow the few steps below to change that.

  • Click the smiley icon on the text bar of the platform.
  • Find the avatar then click the pencil icon on the avatar.
  • Customize your avatar again to the way you like.
  • Click the Check mar option at the top, after that click the NEXT button.
  • Then finally tap on the DONE button.

Above are the easy steps to create your own successfully without any problem, check it out now and get right into it.


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