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Facebook Avatar Free Feature

Facebook Avatar Free feature is a new feature created by Facebook, a known social media platform. Among all their interesting features a new and more exciting one has been released called “Facebook Avatar”. Read below to know more about it.

About The Facebook Avatar New Free Feature

Facebook Avatar is the newest and hottest feature presently on Facebook. It users of the Facebook app to make a cartoon Avatar of themselves to their own taste and liking.

Once you have made your avatar you would be able to make use of it whenever you like and how you like, it’s quite similar to the emoji on Facebook. Therefore you can use it the way you use emojis on Facebook, to chat, comment, e.t.c.Another amazing thing is that it can be used on other social media apps like Instagram.

App To Create A Facebook Avatar

To create your own Facebook avatar, you must have the Facebook avatar maker app but fortunately, it’s the same as the Facebook app so, to be able to create your avatar you must download the Facebook app.

Facebook Avatar Free Feature

Steps To Create Your Own Facebook Avatar

In order to follow the directions below to create your own Facebook avatar you must, first of all, have the updated version of the Facebook app.

  • Log into your Facebook account using the Facebook app on your device.
  • Once the homepage of your account has opened, tap on the top right corner on the page.
  • Once a new page comes up, scroll down and tap on SEE MORE.
  • A new page will pop up then tap on AVATAR.
  • When you tap on AVATAR, a new page on how to create your AVATAR will come up. Tap on NEXT then GET STARTED.
  • You are now to design your own AVATAR by choosing the hairstyle, shape of the body, the shape of the face, the color of skin, eye color you prefer, and others that will finalize the AVATAR creation process.
  • When you have finalized your decision, Tap on the CHECK MARK option on the top right side.
  • Tap NEXT and finally DONE.

Above are the steps to create your own avatar that if followed will be created unless it hasn’t reached your country yet, it’s only available in nations like USA, UK, New Zealand, Australia, e.t.c.


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